Without even saying a goodbye.

You left

Without even saying a good bye

A palace of words on the clouds

A wall of silence that blew it around

I thought I was strong

To carry it with a veil of smile

And wear my summer floral when winter came knocking by

But what to do with the memories

That  sit on the driving seat

And steer me away to a nauseous downward spin

But in reality you stole

My moments of goodbye

The inhibition to express

And gave me back

An unfathomed desperation

A last thought –  To who am I blabbering

I know I will never stop

To look for a goodbye

Just because

You left

Without even saying a goodbye………………..


4 Replies to “Without even saying a goodbye.”

  1. A very touching one Pooja … It is very hard without a closure. Sometimes I guess people just do it cos it feels easier to do that and maybe rationalize saying that they are preventing the hurt of the other person. In reality it hurts a lot more without a goodbye 🙁

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