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Piku- i think everyone must have watched this beautiful film about a father-daughter relationship and the dialogue which touched my heart was

” एक उम्र के बाद हमें अपने पेरेंट्स को जिंदा रखना पड़ता है ”

Why this dialogue holds so much relevance ? Because in a society where parents give their heart and soul to raise children, the same children treat them like shit.Their cozy apartments don’t have a room for the elderly, they find them disgrace to the elite circle they socialise in and the only thing they are worth of is being caretakers of their kids.

Diwali best

I visited an old age home last Diwali and was stunned to see elderly from all corners of India living there, abandoned by their children and they found it safe living their among people like their own.

It was 2013,diwali celebrations around and I was missing home , The reason being with the exams around the corner I was in Delhi ,busy studying but badly missing home .

A call from some friends who were all away from home and we came out with a plan ,plan to celebrate diwali at an old age home . So we contributed money, bought sweets, blankets ,got some food for around 200 people and on the morning of diwali we went to a help home for the mentally retarded, old people who have been disowned from their families.

The sight was heartbreaking ,same old stories ,away from home ,their sons and daughters abandoned them ,some were suffering from Alzheimers and could not remember their address and the saddest part was some pretended to not remember because ythey knew they were unwelcome at home ,a burden who would be an extra espenditure in this age where prices are reaching sky limits.

We sat ,heard them ,just listened to them and they spoke ,spoke about their youthful days ,their partners who were long dead not even for a second cursing their children –That’s what a Father and mother is ,we could realize only if we be one.

We played games ,ate together ,distributed blankets and took their blessings. One of the best diwali I had because I gave an ear to men and women who were failed by their own loved ones ,I gave an ear to their dil ki baat.

Go do something like this on any of your special day ,you won’t realize how great it feels ,how satisfying it feels . i went back and that night during laxmi pooja i prayed that there should be no old age homes.

All the elderly people there taught us to be compassionate, to be loving even to those who didn’t love you back, to those who failed to care only if everyone in the world learnt that lesson, there would be no old age homes.

On #WorldelderAbuseAwarenessday ,Let’s join hands to stop elder abuse, spend some time with those left lonely at the sunset of life and make this world a better place.


diwaali bestest

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  1. A beautiful message and a compelling thought Pooja. With the pace the new world order is moving, I sometimes wonder if money has taken the prime post and people seem to think that if that is done everything else is taken care of. But then again, love and a sense of care and trust goes a long way than anything else..

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