A happy baby lightens up the house

Have you ever seen a happy baby, smiling, chirping and spreading joys all around. A happy baby makes the atmosphere contagious , everyone starts smiling ,photographs are clicked and memories made . My memories of a shrieking crying to happy baby goes to my little nieces (twins they are ) and the way they used to cry the whole night ,yes the whole night .Experienced mothers desi nuskhe came pouring in but the situation didn’t improve .

“ Haldi khila de use ,khadi haldi”

“ Aijwain chata de bachhon ko, gas ho jaati hai “

“ Mujhe lagta hai inhein doodh se allergy hai”

“bachhon ko theek se pakadte nahi ho ,garden lachak jaati hai “

“ Nebulisation karva do, cough jam gayi hogi”

And the list continues  of nuskhe and naseehtein of advises and preaches ,of how to raise a child to handle with care . But then one day it was found that they cried because of wetness in their home made langoti. They usually made it wet while sleeping and the ensuing rashes due to loose ends of the clothes from which diapers were made caused them rashes . Here came the pampers , one big jumbo size pack of pampers . Bhabhi started using pampers instead of those langotis and the two little ones had started having their full night sleep resulting in uninterrupted sleep of everyone.

The child which sleeps peacefully is a happy and a playing child the next morning . while everyone was busythe next day in their daily routine ,I saw them smiling ,moving their legs slightly and their little hands too in their cot. I wondered why they were doing that .then I discovered the song  “ balam pichkaari “being played in the background. I picked up the remote and muted the song .And yo! They stopped moving their feet and hands.

So there were two little ones trying to sway on bollywood tunes .i could not stop laughing ,called everyone and showed the and as I said the happiness is contagious ,everyone had a good laugh. So that was the day,the two little shaitaan of my house are big time fans of bollywood numbers. We don’t have to rush after them for food, we play a song ,we don’t have to make them quiet after a broken toy ,,madhuri dixit does that with her “Ghaghra song” and they are natural artists ,with one big difference –one of them loves music and other one dance and if this is what makes them happy ,it is the one that makes us as a family happy too

Thank you Pampers for a happy sleep . A happy child is a treat to the eyes http://www.rewardme.in/tag/Pampers

“ A little girl is sugar and spice and everything nice — especially when she’s taking a nap “

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