The future is of a DIgital India


You need to post an urgent letter ,go to post office and opt for Speed Post ,get a receipt and track your document online. You wish to extract information from some government department –file a RTI online .You need a passport – go online and get a hassle free appointment at the passport sewa Kendra. Rajasthan farmers are becoming prosperous by farming capsicum and you know what is the reason behind the success story- a  video conferencing session with the farmers of Israel on dryland farming.

The list is long ,India is on a path of being Digital. The use of technology has raised efficiency, effectiveness ,reduces time and that is the reason for making governance  -accountable,transparent ,committed and efficient ,e-governance is the future .

Digital India

A programme to transform India into digital empowered society and knowledge economy.  The vision of Digital India aims to transform the country into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy.  The programme will be implemented in phases from the current year till 2018.  The Digital India is transformational in nature and would ensure that Government services are available to citizens electronically.  It would also bring in public accountability through mandated delivery of government’s services electronically, a Unique ID and e-Pramaan based on authentic and standard based interoperable and integrated government applications and data basis.

The vision areas of Digital India:

I           Infrastructure as Utility to Every Citizen:

(i)            High speed internet as a core utility shall be made available in all Gram Panchayats.

(ii)          Cradle to grave digital identity – unique, lifelong, online and authenticable.

(iii)         Mobile phone and Bank account would enable participation in digital and financial space at individual level.

(iv)         Easy access to a Common Service Centre within their locality.

(v)          Shareable private space on a public Cloud.

(vi)         Safe and secure Cyber-space in the country.

II         Governance and Services on Demand:

(i)            Seamlessly integrated across departments or jurisdictions to provide easy and a single window access to all persons.

(ii)          Government services available in real time from online and mobile platforms.

(iii)         All citizen entitlements to be available on the Cloud to ensure easy access.

(iv)         Government services digitally transformed for improving Ease of Doing Business.

(v)          Making financial transactions above a threshold, electronic and cashless.

(vi)         Leveraging GIS for decision support systems and development.

III        Digital Empowerment of Citizens:

(i)            Universal digital literacy.

(ii)          All digital resources universally accessible.

(iii)         All Government documents/ certificates to be available on the Cloud.

(iv)         Availability of digital resources / services in Indian languages.

(v)          Collaborative digital platforms for participative governance.

(vi)         Portability of all entitlements for individuals through the Cloud.

Scope of Digital India:

The overall scope of this programme is:

(i)             to prepare India for a knowledge future.

(ii)           on being transformative that is to realize IT (Indian Talent) + IT (Information Technology)  = IT (India Tomorrow)

(iii)         making technology central to enabling change.

(iv)         on being  an Umbrella Programme – covering many departments.

  • The programme weaves together a large number of ideas and thoughts into a single, comprehensive vision, so that each of them is seen as part of a larger goal. Each individual element stands on its own, but is also part of the larger picture.
  • The weaving together makes the Mission transformative in totality.

(v)           The Digital India Programme will pull together many existing schemes which would be restructured and re-focused and implemented in a synchronized manner.  The common branding of the programmes as Digital India, highlights their transformative impact.

Digital India aims to provide the much needed thrust to the nine pillars of growth areas, namely

  1. Broadband Highways,
  2. Universal Access to Mobile Connectivity,
  3. Public Internet Access Programme,
  4. e-Governance: Reforming Government through Technology,
  5. e-Kranti – Electronic Delivery of Services,
  6. Information for All,
  7. Electronics Manufacturing,
  8. IT for Jobs
  9. Early Harvest Programmes.

Source –PIB ,Ministry of IT and Technology

The National e-Governance Plan approved in 2006 has made a steady progress through Mission Mode Projects and Core ICT Infrastructure, but greater thrust is required to ensure effective progress in electronics manufacturing and e-Governance in the country.   The Digital India vision provides the intensified impetus for further momentum and progress for this initiative and this would promote inclusive growth that covers electronic services, products, devices, manufacturing and job opportunities. India in the 21st Century must strive to meet the aspirations of its citizens where government and its services reach the doorsteps of citizens and contribute towards a long-lasting positive impact.  The Digital India Programme aims to transform India into a digitally empowered society and knowledge economy by leveraging IT as a growth engine of new India.

Intel india is acting as a connecting link to fulfill the vision of Digital India through its “Digital skills forIndia “ a skill delivery programme to bridge the information gap    &” Innovate for India” , a platform to fund and research innovations in IT to provide an affordable yet first class digital services. visit


  • Broadband
  • e-governance
  • electronic
  • Manufacturing
  • it for jobs
  • e-kranti
  • phones
  • public interest
  • Information for all
  • Early harvest

To further push e-governance through Digital India ,GOI launched “ Twitter Samvad” Through Twitter Samvad, everyday a set of curated Tweets will be delivered from the government and leaders’ accounts to mobile users across the country as SMS. Updates on government services, policies and activities can be delivered to any user with a mobile device signed up for the service with each of the 16 launch partners.

A recent International Business Machines corp study said that “ To have a sustained progress ,any organization needs innovation”  ,when society brings together world-class scientists and researchers, unites them in common purpose, and provides them with the resources they need to innovate and discover, there is virtually no limit to what they can do. As long as India fosters the environment that makes such collaboration and innovation possible, it will accelerate its own digital transformation and that of the rest of the world too.
the reach of internet penetration in 30 crore households of the country is next only to China. With the figure estimated to touch 50 crore in a couple of years, India is all set to digitally transform the society

A Kiss of life called Goa

This blog post is about a journey, a holiday taken after months of hard work ,an escape from the thing called competition, performance ,results   etc etc So we boarded Goa Express (Mind it if you are not in a group or with a romantic partner when days seem into minutes, don’t try this train 38 hours of journey can take your nerves out)

30 of us went to Goa and all credit goes to Ankit sir for handling not some little kids but grown up adults who every passing minute wanted to do something different from the group Amid Aantakshari, dumbshall act, mimicry our journey proceeded disturbing our fellow travelers when cards start world comes to a halt and non players (yeah it was me) look as the most foolish ones .The train journey was a roller coaster one with swords drawn out on the movie names ,enmity feeling which can beat India Pakistan ,mimicry by Sarika which left people wondering “Am I actually like this”, the ever so pathetic train ka khana ,some facebookites updating every single second and cherry on the cake was ghost stories until midnight

Goa gives you a liberating experience ,a kind of break free attitude that strikes you the point you deboard the train as we reached ,I was enlightened that “What happens in goa ,stays in goa”(does it remind you of some other place?? Forget it…………J )

We stayed at South Goa’s Palolem beach and if you are looking for a serene ,quiet place, beaches that remind you of a distant island ,a romantic sojourn then south goa is what you are looking for thday had already ended when we reached so we just sat on the beach talking, dreaming There is something about beaches that make you dream ,dream not of materialistic gains but something deep ,something spiritual

Next day was planned a trip to North goa and inspite of waking up the earliest we were late (we means the three girls-Nova, Prema and me) Finally on being threatened that we would be left behind we rushed secret is we always were late because………ha ha ha u actually believed I will split out beans of our girls talks, no way

The bus proceeded to Basilica of Bom Jesus church amid lungi dance and fevicol types item songs and here was Gaurav Agrawal,he never sat on a seat for a minute ,always dancing its people like them who never let the dancing mood die down The church is marvelllous ,visit it not for the story of a miracle called St Francis and his 400 year old body but for beautiful gothic architecture ,don’t rush,absorb the intricacies of architecture ,its lovely Agauda fort was next stop ,initially used as a water tank the age old walls face sea and I could find some guides telling tourists about the movies being shot there ,we can never come out of bollywood the continuity ,the walls with small windows make Agauda Fort so splendid as if it challenges Sea,questions its mightiness and still stands tall

Yipee. North Goa and  its water sports ,the fun part actually began I was very terrified about the banana ride and the prospect of being thrown into the mid sea and these friends of mine assured that they will save me if I drown The person   standing at the edge of banana was holding my life jacket and I thought he was such a saint to support me suddenly I saw God in him Mid sea he held my jacket and threw me into sea and took the steamer with the rest of the people along I was like WTF !This demon actually left me here, well life jackets were there and Sid and Vishal screaming that keep cycling and yes inspite of that demon ,I was alive we went deep into sea later for an hour and I know I was a headache by being a non swimmer and always ending up coughing salt water after every wave, my friends never thought of leaving me and made sure someone or the other was always around to hold if I lost balance…..Love you doston for that

The main adventure was not water sports but finding out that we were left behind as we were late after changing and the bus headed to cruise as the tickets were pre booked (We here again refers to the three of us) we called ,bus waited midway and when we reached we could feel whispering and angry eyes penetrating us and then again friends ,Pankaj,Sidd,gaurav,vishal and shiva made us feel that”Ho jata hai” nothing to worry ,making us laugh which we did not until we said sorry to sir While everyone assured us that  nothing to be sad ,sir made it real being the sweetest person

The late night talks were all full of planning for the next day,a group wanted to explore casinos, we wanted to go to Disco ,someone wanted to have a lone time at the beach and the day dawns ,we all took a boat ride to honeymoon island ,At the middle of the sea was carnatic music with Akshara Damle and when we returned a big wave splashed over all the plans made a night before ,after discussions, road safety ,distance issues, girls safety each and every plan was headed towards a no (he he) and evening was spent in biking ,trying local cuisine, buying cashews and Mallikarjun Temple (Krishna – mere ghar waale bolenge tu Mathura se Goa mandir dekhne gaya hai………;-)  and here came the shocker of the day-Silent disco now I really want to know who came up with this idea ,Dance is a community feeling,to celebrate joy,togetherness ,happiness or just to enjoy ,Keeping headphones on and dancing is something I could not understand and so did others When we perform classical ,its said that you have to make the audience believe that he/she is actually radha and is longing for love and then this silent disco-something very individualistic, very isolated  and very silent

Well Goa trip came to an end and I was at the beach at 6 in the morning for I knew I will miss the beach ,the  splasing sound of waves the most when I reach back to hustle of Delhi and sitting there clicking pictures of couples who were trying after every failed attempt of self clicking, I observed something that I would carry with myself back” A Russian Father and his 2 year old son at the beach, waves come,the boy falls and he puts his hand towards father but the father does not hold, the child walks on hands and legs ,again the wave comes and he fells The father stands there just saying get up and finally the child stands on two feet ,again to be splashed by a wave and again trying ,Father never ever holding his hand and only boosting verbally “……………….so on the southern most end of Goa at sunrise ,I got life’s little lesson-lesson of parenting

Back to the train ,everyone was tired, exhausted, sleeping, exchanging numbers and in the process of one or the other person getting down in between at their home towns,almost everyone got down ,hugged, waved goodbye  ,promised to stay in touch ,This made me believe that we may have missed visiting a casino or a beach but we did not miss making new friends

This is for everyone there………………………

“I couldn’t find the right words
Nothing seemed to rhyme
To write something for you all
I think it will take time

Because when you have friends
That are very hard to find
There’s so much to say
Because you make everything alright

So I will tell you right now
exactly what I need to say
To show you how much I appreciate
You all being there everyday

You’re worth more than anyone
even a million pounds
Because you always know what to say
When I am feeling down

You made me smile big smiles
And my days so very bright
And when I was sad

we talked the whole night

I sometimes wish I could explain
How much you all mean to me
But its just not possible
To list a billion things

So I just wanted to say
I love you so so much
And I hope you never leave me
promise to stay in touch………

Go travel some place , get your own dose of optimism and visit

for your own peck of motivation.

Take risks, dream big and Start a new life

“He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much;
Who has enjoyed the trust of pure women, the respect of intelligent men and the love of little children;
Who has filled his niche and accomplished his task;
Who has never lacked appreciation of Earth’s beauty or failed to express it;
Who has left the world better than he found it,
Whether an improved poppy, a perfect poem, or a rescued soul;
Who has always looked for the best in others and given them the best he had;
Whose life was an inspiration;
Whose memory a benediction.”
― Bessie Anderson Stanley

Life can be like a night time story or it can be a turn gone wrong .but never ever the uncertainty associated with the life should bog you down. Take risks, fly high and get up when you fall. #Start a new life begins with breaking the shackles of your own old life ,be limitless and working that extra hour, arguing over that extra good and breaking that one useless limit .

My idea of a new life was when I started teaching the children of migratory” Banjara “ community .The community who moved from one place to another and make pottery or idols for a living are one of the most disadvantaged community .Children are devoid of any formal education ,they live in filthy places and I saw them making makeshift huts in slum areas adjoining medical college. I once visited their huts for buying a ganesha idol and there at that moment itself the idea of my new life came up.I decided to teach those kids in the evening and in the spare time. It was tough,very tough. No one was willing to send their kids. Well we made a tent ,put up a blackboard ,I bought some basic books and the teaching began .My family was dead against it as going into that filthy area after dark where men intoxicated with alcohol roamed around was dangerous. But I wanted to do it ,because I saw the zeal of children to learn ,their hunger for knowledge even after a taxing day of work .

I convinced each and every family of this community to send the girls to study but could not succeed. Never ever to loose hope ,our classes continued braving weather ,heat ,rains and hooligans.more and more kids came ,some volunteers joined and the kids were not only learning alphabets ,they were doing arithmetic ,were painting and then a day came when they cleared an open school examination.

I am sharing this rough but fulfilling journey of mine because however tough the journey may seem but when you reach the destination ,the pain and difficulties seem meaningless.

So #StartANewLife today ,visit the page and look for some amazing way of starting a new life by having your own nest, your own little world.

A happy baby lightens up the house

Have you ever seen a happy baby, smiling, chirping and spreading joys all around. A happy baby makes the atmosphere contagious , everyone starts smiling ,photographs are clicked and memories made . My memories of a shrieking crying to happy baby goes to my little nieces (twins they are ) and the way they used to cry the whole night ,yes the whole night .Experienced mothers desi nuskhe came pouring in but the situation didn’t improve .

“ Haldi khila de use ,khadi haldi”

“ Aijwain chata de bachhon ko, gas ho jaati hai “

“ Mujhe lagta hai inhein doodh se allergy hai”

“bachhon ko theek se pakadte nahi ho ,garden lachak jaati hai “

“ Nebulisation karva do, cough jam gayi hogi”

And the list continues  of nuskhe and naseehtein of advises and preaches ,of how to raise a child to handle with care . But then one day it was found that they cried because of wetness in their home made langoti. They usually made it wet while sleeping and the ensuing rashes due to loose ends of the clothes from which diapers were made caused them rashes . Here came the pampers , one big jumbo size pack of pampers . Bhabhi started using pampers instead of those langotis and the two little ones had started having their full night sleep resulting in uninterrupted sleep of everyone.

The child which sleeps peacefully is a happy and a playing child the next morning . while everyone was busythe next day in their daily routine ,I saw them smiling ,moving their legs slightly and their little hands too in their cot. I wondered why they were doing that .then I discovered the song  “ balam pichkaari “being played in the background. I picked up the remote and muted the song .And yo! They stopped moving their feet and hands.

So there were two little ones trying to sway on bollywood tunes .i could not stop laughing ,called everyone and showed the and as I said the happiness is contagious ,everyone had a good laugh. So that was the day,the two little shaitaan of my house are big time fans of bollywood numbers. We don’t have to rush after them for food, we play a song ,we don’t have to make them quiet after a broken toy ,,madhuri dixit does that with her “Ghaghra song” and they are natural artists ,with one big difference –one of them loves music and other one dance and if this is what makes them happy ,it is the one that makes us as a family happy too

Thank you Pampers for a happy sleep . A happy child is a treat to the eyes

“ A little girl is sugar and spice and everything nice — especially when she’s taking a nap “

Be positive,life is not that bad as you think

Once again this story has its origin in a train ,it so happened that I was on my way to my hometown & as soon as the train left Delhi ,I opened up a book and was engrossed in reading .Around me was a family with 3 kids who were howling & shouting &throwing things on floor,in short taking all the benefit of them being “the little ones” After an hour a voice said

“Maaf kariyega mohtarma,aapko in bachhon ke karan badi takalluf uthani pad rahi hai”

I said “ Nahi Nahi ye to chote bachhe hain” whereas in my mind I was thinking “Aisa kaun bolta hai yaar( who says like this )” and the well known human mind’s curiosity didn’t let me read ,I asked to the gentleman where were they going to ,got a reply “Nagpur” and then to Amravati . I said” coming from delhi?”

And got  a reply which solved the mystery of that urdu accent “ We are coming from PAKISTAN”

Pakistan??? I never knew Bilaspur Rajdhani comes from Pakistan .The gentleman laughed , told that they came to delhi and then are moving towards Amravati to visit a childhood friend  of his mother who is seriously ill

Friend?? Ok,our history books say once we were one and many of prominent activities of freedom struggle took place in lahore

After exchanging pleasentries ,I came to know that the gentleman Dr Shaukat was also a doctor and his lovely wife told me with almost a child like enthusiasm that her sister is also a doctor and was settled in Dubai .Why Dubai?i asked to which I came to know that Pakistan is still not a very progressive society when it comes to women working but then she also defended instantly saying things are changing and they would return back to their country to vote ,the first time for 37 year old Nagma

After some time I was offered “Peshaver ka halwa”,”khajoor ki kachori” and “lahore ka namkeen” which looked mouth watering but the logical mind screamed “You should not take any food from strangers” and the probability of risk grows when the strangers are from other side of border .Well I gave a look to the yummy food stuff and politely refused

The talks with Dr Shaukat revolved aroud the girl education ,medical field,exaggerating problem of power cut and it was refreshing to know from him that the youth wants change ,they want to get educated ,no politics of hatred ,want to work and bring about a change in the attitude of outside world towards their nation

Nagpur comes early morning,when they left ,bid a “Khuda Hafiz” ,mother of Dr shaukat kept a hand on my head and wished me”Barkat” from her Khuda Dr Shaukat and Nagma  wished me”behisaab khushiyaan” while I prayed for the good health of the Indian friend of the Pakistani lady

Off they went and with them went the “Peshawar ka halwa,Khajoor ki kachauri” from my eyesight,the train left nagpur and sleep was gone from my eyes .Suddenly I realized that in the pace of modernization are we forgetting human values? As we have closed ourselves into AC Compartments have we closed the way to our hearts too??gone are those days when every journey to village in the sleeper compartment ,sharing the home cooked meals with strangers earned us friends to whom our parents used to send postcards?? And then the biggest question: who is more dangerous- a gang of men who can rape you in the light of a metro city, the sick people who ogle you when you wear a short dress and make you feel naked, a group of so called left wing extemists who kill their own men with such a brutality that can’t be judged in any parameter of humanity…….or a stranger family from a nation ,a neighbouring nation who is always portrayed as an enemy.If you happen to find an answer ,do let me know……….till then stay safe and keep the women around you too safe…..

Sometimes optimism about future,about society ,about a country considered enemy can come from a shared journey ,a shared meal after all we are humans first ,nationalities later.

Go look up ,to this link and bring some optimism through housing in your life because nothing better than a home where you return from a day’s hustle.

(P.S.- The views expressed in the blog are personal and if you happen to be a crazy lunatic under the mask of a patriot,please spare yourself from the difficulty of reading )