Kyuki Bin Bole Ab Nahi Chalega #AbMontuBolega.

I was travelling through railways from Patna to Delhi on 2nd October, yes the Gandhi Jayanti ,as soon as I entered the station I was shocked ,the ever so filthy and smelly Patna Junction was so clean that I remembered Singapore. With a wink I prayed that everyday should be a Swatcchata Day” with politicians brooming the platforms
Back to Patna on 4th a usual site welcomed me, dirt and filth all around packets of used confectionaries ,plastic bags with leftover food and what not ,I felt ashamed ,ashamed at the lack of civic sense in us .The whole idea of a swatch Bharat that our Prime minister aspires of is much much more than just taking a broom in hand and doing a photo op. its an idea, a vision of a clean India ,an India that mesmerizes tourists with its waste management and clean and green cities.
With the call for making India-a Swatchh Bharat ,many corporate houses, civil society and people’s groups have come forward hand in hand to make this country free from the malaise of dirt and filth. We all take a strepsil when we experience that irritable “Khich Khich “ that bars the free flow of speech .so what is stopping us ,what kind of” Khich Khich” that is not letting us speak for our country.
Take a strepsil and join the movement , you may also join them on & ,just speak out and make everyone hear .
If hospitals and nearby areas are not clean ,the hazardous waste is not segregated an disposed of properly Join Montu and confront the hospital administration and why not give them a catalogue explaining the disposal of medical waste. If the drains are clogged, waste is littered in open talk to the district administration and municipal bodies for not doing what they are intended to. Collaborate with the NGOs working in sanitation as the participative efforts will make our country a better India.
The most important contribution for making a clean India is the sense of responsibility.
Mahatma Gandhi “Be the change you wish to see”
The civic sense that we lack has to be imbibed. We should our self not litter around and stop anyone who tries to do that. Join Montu in speaking out .Just remember the campaign run by a popular radio channel in which they used to catch red handed anyone urinating in public, on the sides of roads and ask their names while being live on radio ,if this psychological method of making anyone who litters the public places ashamed ,why not do that also
Its our India and we have to take the initiative, Join the campaign