My way on Highway with Garnier BB cream

This post takes me back to the time when I had just returned from Alwar ,rajasthan where I addressed a group of women from a cluster of villages on the menstrual hygiene and malnutrition. The same day I returned from the scorching heat of sands ,I left to Corbett national Park in Uttarakhand as a freelancer to cover up a documentary on Wild India where in the midst of forests sometimes we had to safari the whole night to catch a glimpse f the mighty tigers .Back from Corbett ,I was invited to a youth forum on CSR a high profile event attended by stalwarts of development sector at the Taj,New delhi. This is what my routine is ,its never routine .My normal work day is never so normal ,As a freelance writer and travel blogger sometimes i have to travel to the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks to write about it ,and some days the social worker in me treads through the dusty lanes of Rajasthan to spread awareness about female feticide .While I love my job ,I live a life that I always aspired ,the variability and the geographical diversity it takes me to sometimes shows up on my face . Yes I am nearing thirties and like every woman I hate to see that tired look on my face because the likes and “Wow ! Gorgeous” comments on the pictures I upload brings a smile on my face.
I meet people, I care the least about sun (I simply can’t) ,I sometimes reach my room so tired that its just a cold water wash for my face ,Spa and facials are a complete no no . I loved getting clicked and share those pics but the biggest problem is I can’t apply make up ,it just can’t stay on my face as I am mostly outdoors running from tip to toe .
My skin required a face cream that would take care of the sun rays that I am constantly exposd to, keeps it fresh all day long and looks just perfect for the pictures I pose . and the secret for that glowing skin goes to yes Garnier BB cream ,its truly named so because it gives you a perfect look miraculously .
When used as a single coat moisturizer it evenly spreads on your skin giving a softness that of a child’s skin , with cherries that keeps you fresh all day long ,Ginger – a well known anti oxidant that regenerates skin cells and bilberry extract that keeps the skin tight and firm.
So girls of 21st century,the outgoing ones, the adventure freaks ,the solo travelers :Enjoy your not so routine life more than before with this skin perfector from Garnier.It perfectly suits me and so will be to you

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