The fragrance that meant peace

Amid the majestic snow capped Dhauladhar mountains ,lies the beautiful old city,a little Tibet in itself called Mcleodganj. The fresh breeze, mountains view , monks in their orange robes there is something magical in the small sleepy town of Dharmshala that the experience always stays with you.
My first morning at Mcleodganj ,I wanted to experience the hilly morning ,so I woke up before sunrise and went for the morning walk in those narrow lanes with flowers on both sides. But Mcleodganj has already woken up ,budhist chants could be heard ,I saw monks meditating and people smiling at me.
The fresh dew filled morning breeze took along with itself the flowers of the hills ,their lovely fragrance which makes you feel alive away from the hustle of city ,what stood apart in that fresh morning fragrance as I sat on the bench watching the sun go up higher in the sky behind the mountain peaks was the breeze was having a peculiar scent ,which leaves you mesmerized .In my 5 days stay there experienced that fragrant breeze everyday as if it was something unique ,something that characterizes Mcleodganj .Later I realized that the scented candles that budhist temples lit up in morning mingled with the frosty air to give that peculiar divine aroma. No it was not loud, neither very strong ,it was just there with the breeze in a way you can’t demarcate the two,a fragrance that was divine ,peaceful and light too.
I wish that I could steal a little of that fragrance and keep it in my city home. I always keep Godrej aer’s fresh fragrance in my car ,they have some amazing fragrances which you can check out at ,I wish they could create a fragrance that reminds me of morning breeze, temple bells and smiling monks.

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