Dedicated to all those unknown unsung and unwept soldiers ,Who were killed at the first sight by the dead drop looks ……….. For you contours are easy to read than the city maps ,You feel comfortable in jungles and get lost in metros.For you time is in hundred hours, 3 ‘ O clock is a direction,Distance is always in multiples of hundred meters and you keep on loosing North.When people meet near pubs, cafes and discs.You meet near water tanks, bridges and culverts.For you Kenwood and Motorola are familiar brands of Radio setsand Apple and Blackberry are fruits.You never knew cars, mobiles and bikes also had series.The only series you know is the AK’s.You names of all Tanzeems,but do not know the name of IPL teams.Stamps on your passport are of Congo and Sudanwhere as others go to US, UK and Japan.You remember the raising days,but forget the anniversaries and birthdays.When others talk of CEO and COO,You only know C with only one O.For you lol and asap is greekand you even look for them in Appx ‘C’.When others talk of Pune, Bangalore and Gurgaonyou talk of Poonch, Lalgarh and Bongaigaon.For you ,The Safety Honour and Welfare of your Country comes first , Always and Every Time .and women will be from Venus and not from Mars, always and every time.For you green and blue are own,Red and pink are danger zones.For you the choice of arms was more painful than the break upand chasing girls tougher than the march up.You will travel 500 miles to meet her ,But will expect her to walk the last five steps.You can take darbar of 120 rusty men for three hours,But will be afraid to speak three magical words.You will crack any code or language ,But one line message of her’swith few dots and exclamation marks will confuse you.For all those who thinks he is a flirt ,He will be the last man standing ,True to his vows and words………
I hope it can describe this unique creed of MEN…from Indian Army


Its Army day on 15th Jan and hey how many of you know that (To those who are ignorant ,you must be quite sure about Valentine’s Day,Rose Day)
Not to blame you ,we never fail to make them realize that their worth is never realized as father of one of a kargil war martyr once said “Why do we or for anyone else have to proove or put up papers to show that my son sacrificed for the country,isn’t it our responsibility to know that”
So on Army Day ,thanking the Indian Army for all the pains they take,for all the sacrifices they make ,for silently carrying out utmost service for the country in the name of duty while we keep on complaining about minor irritations
Today my dear fellowmen,
You will learn about some men,
Who are for their country,
More than just someone who brought them victory,
For when their nation was in danger,
their blood boiled in anger,
Without caring for their personal life,
They left their parents,children,and wife,
And off they went like real heroes,
To make the enemy feel like zeroes,
These men had muscles like Iron,
And had the hearts of a Lion,
When the enemy faced these men,
The enemy didn’t know where to go then,
For one of these men,
Was enough for the enemies then,
The enemy then ran away like rats,
Like rats run after seeing the cats,
Thus these men saved the country,
Giving it a proud victory,
The heroes of this story,
Work for the world’s best military,
These are the great and ever victorious,
Our Proud Indian Armed Forces!”